Flying Fox Fruits is a small mail-order nursery, based in Central, FL, offering a large selection of rare tropical fruit trees, seeds, scions, and fruit.  We also cater to those who are pushing zone limits, growing fruit trees in containers, and/or greenhouses.  Most of the fruit trees we offer can be easily grown in a pot for years.  We specialize in Annonas, Myrciarias/Plinias, Eugenias, Pouterias, and Garcinias.

Flying Fox Fruits propagates some of the rarest fruit trees available, and we are pioneers in the field of Mycriaria/Plinia propagation.  Due to the small size of our operation, the amount of plants we propagate in-house is very limited.  In some cases the propagation of specific plants can be requested.  Customer satisfaction and education are our top priorities.  All inquiries and orders are handled directly by the owner.  Our nursery is open to the public by appointment only, please email a day in advance to schedule a visit.  Please send any questions or requests to   We look forward to expanding your knowledge, your diet, and your tropical fruit collection!